Xtreme Cargo 8.5x20 SIlver


The “Xtreme Cargo 8.5×20 Silver”  comes with a variety of features that make it suitable for various hauling needs. Here’s a summary of its key features:

  • Silver Blackout Package: This package likely includes black accenting on the silver exterior for a sleek appearance.

  • 7′ Interior Height: This feature provides ample vertical space for hauling taller items.

  • UTV Package Upgrade: This upgrade might offer specific enhancements to accommodate UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles) or similar vehicles.

  • Tube Wall Studs and Ceiling Bows: These structural elements provide strength and durability to the trailer’s construction.

  • Plywood Walls and Floor: Plywood is used for both the walls and the floor, which can provide a solid and sturdy foundation.

  • RV Door: An RV-style door might offer better accessibility and ease of entry compared to standard doors.

  • 6″ Tube Mainframe: A heavier-duty mainframe construction can contribute to the trailer’s durability.

  • Semi-Screwless Exterior: The exterior might feature a semi-screwless design for a cleaner appearance.

  • ATP Fenders: ATP (Aluminum Tread Plate) fenders are durable and resistant to damage.

  • Lippert Axles: Lippert axles are known for their quality and durability.

  • .030 Aluminum Exterior: This exterior material offers a balance of strength and weight.

  • Plastic Sidewall Vents: Vents help with air circulation and can prevent overheating.

  • 16″ OC Floor Crossmembers (Tandem Axle) / 24″ OC Floor Crossmembers (Single Axle): This refers to the spacing of the structural elements in the floor.

  • V-Nose with 24″ Stone Guard: The V-nose design might improve aerodynamics, and the stone guard protects against road debris.

  • Interior Height: A taller interior height provides more space for storage and movement.

  • 24″ OC Tubing Roof Members: Similar to the floor crossmembers, this refers to the spacing of the structural elements in the roof.

  • 3/4 Plywood Floors: Plywood floors offer strength and a solid surface.

  • Standard Ramp Door: The standard ramp door provides easy loading and unloading.

  • 2″ Single Axle / 2 5/16″ Tandem Axle Coupler: This refers to the size of the coupler used to connect the trailer to a towing vehicle.

  • 3/8 Plywood Walls: Plywood walls offer durability and can serve as a good base for securing items.

  • Side Door Hold Back: This feature holds the side door open when needed.

  • 2000lb Jack with Sand Foot: The jack is used for raising and lowering the trailer for attachment and detachment from the towing vehicle.

  • 12-Volt Dome Light: Provides interior lighting.

  • E-Z Lube Hubs: These hubs simplify the process of greasing the wheel bearings.

  • 32″/36″ Side Door with Flush Lock: The side door provides an additional entry point, and the flush lock offers security.

  • 15″ Radial Tires: Radial tires offer a smooth ride and good traction.

  • Full LED Light Package: LED lights are energy-efficient and durable.

  • Tube Mainframe: A tube mainframe provides strength and rigidity.

  • 16″ Flap on Ramp Door: This flap provides additional protection and coverage when the ramp door is open.

  • 3/4″ Bullet Marker Lights (All Clear Lens): These lights provide visibility and safety.

These features collectively make the Xtreme Cargo 8.5×20 Silver trailer a versatile and practical choice for hauling various types of cargo. 

If you’re interested in a “Xtreme Cargo 8.5 x 20 Silver Trailer” you can inquire with us about the specific features, customization options, and available accessories. We can provide you with more details about the trailer model and how the E-track system is integrated to enhance the utility and versatility of the trailer for your hauling needs.