Food Trailers

Welcome to the world of Food Trailers, where culinary excellence meets mobility. Food trailers are not just vehicles; they’re kitchens on wheels, offering a gastronomic journey that delights taste buds on the go. These compact yet efficient mobile eateries have redefined the way we experience food, bringing diverse flavors and innovative dishes right to our neighborhoods, events, and gatherings.

BBQ porch, pull out RV step

BBQ porch

Generator door, 24" ATP sides and rear, BBQ porch, spread torsion axles, alloy wheels

Indigo Blue/Blackout, ATP corners, extended tongue, concession door, BBQ porch, slanted v-nose

Vent hood

Propane cage, ATP covered generator box on extended tongue, RV style door with window

Concession windows, pit lights, awning, ATP covered generator box on extended tongue, propane cage, AC, vent hood

Fixed shelving

7x16 concession trailer, concession window, 13" bar lights, extended tongue

Ramp door with RTP

Concession window, 30" fixed shelving

3 compartment sink

Finished interior, handwash sink, 3 compartment sink, spare tire, shelving

7x16 concession trailer

Open BBQ porch with ATP flooring

Standard plywood interior, dome light by side door

Standard plywood interior

Open porch with side door relocated to rear

Flat front with BBQ open porch

Concession window, 24" ATP sides and rear, alloy wheels

7x14 concession trailer, flat front, concession window

Concession window, vent hood, bbq porch

Vent hood, concession window, handwash sink, 3 compartment sink, e track, silver metal walls and ceiling, ATP flooring

Propane cages, BBQ porch, vent hood

Concession door and window, ATP covered generator box on extended tongue, alloy wheels

Checkerboard flooring, fixed shelf, sinks

Red overhead & base cabinets, 3 compartment sink, handwash sink

Vent hood, concessin window, finished interior, e-track, BBQ porch