Office Trailers

Office trailers, also known as mobile office units, are a flexible and convenient solution for establishing a functional workspace in diverse environments. These portable structures offer a quick and efficient way to set up a fully equipped office space, complete with desks, chairs, storage, and necessary amenities.

Office trailers are ideal for businesses and organizations that require a temporary or semi-permanent office solution, providing a comfortable and productive working environment wherever it’s needed.

8.5x20 Office Trailer

Custom & Upgrades

When it comes to optimizing your workspace, generic solutions often fall short. That’s where Stew’s Trailers steps in, offering a spectrum of customization and upgrade options for office trailers. Our commitment is to provide tailored solutions that precisely match your unique requirements, ensuring your office trailer is a functional, comfortable, and efficient hub for your operations.

Wall e-track, RV style door with window

15x30 window, toolboxes

Floor to ceiling closet, cabinets, e-track, RTP flooring, windows

Overhead and base cabinets, e track, toolbox

Office Trailer: cabinets, wall e-track, finished interior, windows

110V electrical package, cabinets, finished interior, AC

Overhead and base cabinets, e track, toolbox

Cabinets, RTP flooring, finished interior, AC

Awning, concession style window

LED bar lights, alloy wheels

Shelving for material storage


Work Station Table