Stew's Trailers Custom Trailer 8.5x28 Orange Blackout


Introducing the Stew’s Trailers Custom 8.5×28 Orange Blackout Trailer, an exceptional transport solution crafted with a striking orange blackout design. This custom-built trailer is a unique combination of bold aesthetics and reliable functionality. The vivid orange blackout finish adds a distinctive and modern touch, ensuring both style and durability. Ideal for a variety of hauling needs, this trailer not only stands out visually but also offers a reliable and robust platform for transport.


  1. Striking Orange Blackout Design: The distinctive orange blackout design not only provides a bold and modern appearance but also adds durability to the trailer’s surface.

  2. Robust Construction: Crafted for reliability, this trailer offers a robust and sturdy platform for various transport requirements.

Experience a bold and reliable solution with the Stew’s Trailers Custom 8.5×28 Orange Blackout Trailer. The striking orange blackout design not only presents a modern and distinctive appearance but also ensures durability. Crafted for reliability and versatility, this trailer stands out visually and offers a sturdy platform for a variety of hauling needs. Contact Stew’s Trailers today to explore this unique and robust custom-built trailer.

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