Generator door, 24" ATP sides and rear, BBQ porch, spread torsion axles, alloy wheels


Food Trailer Upgrades: Enhance Your Culinary Mobile Hub

Upgrade your food trailer to the next level of efficiency, style, and functionality with a range of essential features designed to cater to the modern culinary experience.

  1. Generator Door:

    • A dedicated generator door offers easy access to your power source, allowing for seamless operations during events and gatherings.
    • Purposefully designed to accommodate various generator sizes, ensuring a secure fit and easy maintenance.
  2. 24″ ATP Sides and Rear:

    • Enhanced with 24″ Aluminum Tread Plate (ATP) on the sides and rear, providing added durability and a sleek, professional appearance.
    • ATP reinforcement adds resilience against wear, tear, and exposure to outdoor elements, extending the life of your food trailer.
  3. BBQ Porch:

    • The BBQ porch is a versatile extension that allows for on-the-spot grilling, smoking, or cooking.
    • Engage customers with an interactive cooking experience, showcasing your culinary skills and enticing aromas.
    • Customizable in size and design to suit your specific cooking requirements and branding.
  4. Spread Torsion Axles:

    • Equipped with spread torsion axles, the food trailer ensures a smoother, stable ride even in challenging road conditions.
    • Improved weight distribution, reducing wear on tires and enhancing towing safety for a stress-free journey.
  5. Alloy Wheels:

    • Alloy wheels provide a lightweight yet durable option for your food trailer, ensuring efficiency in both performance and fuel economy.
    • Enhances the overall aesthetic with a modern, sleek look, complementing the visual appeal of your food trailer.


These upgrades not only elevate the functionality and appearance of your food trailer but also enhance your operational efficiency, allowing you to serve up delicious dishes with ease and style. Upgrade today and make your food trailer a standout destination for food enthusiasts.