110v electrical package, race package, escape door, interior blackout package


110V Electrical Package, Race Package, Escape Door, Interior Blackout Package for Race Trailers

Race trailers require specialized features to cater to the unique needs of motorsport enthusiasts. Here are the detailed descriptions and features of the mentioned components for race trailers:

1. 110V Electrical Package:

Description: The 110V electrical package is a crucial component for powering various electrical devices and equipment within the race trailer.


  • Power Outlets: Multiple standard power outlets are strategically placed throughout the trailer, providing easy access to power for charging, tools, and other electrical needs.
  • Circuit Breaker Panel: A dedicated circuit breaker panel ensures the electrical system’s safety and allows for convenient control and management of power distribution.
  • Shore Power Connection: An exterior shore power connection enables the trailer to be connected to an external power source when available, ensuring a continuous and reliable power supply.

2. Race Package:

Description: The race package includes a set of specialized features tailored to the needs of racers and motorsport teams.


  • Tie-Downs and E-Track: Secure tie-downs and E-track systems are integrated to safely fasten vehicles, tools, and equipment during transportation, preventing shifting or damage.
  • D-Rings: Multiple heavy-duty D-rings are strategically placed for additional securing options, providing flexibility in tying down various items.
  • Helmet Cabinet: Dedicated cabinet space designed to store helmets securely and keep them easily accessible.
  • Workbench: A built-in workbench provides a workspace for last-minute adjustments, repairs, or maintenance tasks related to race vehicles or equipment.

3. Escape Door:

Description: The escape door is an additional entry/exit point designed for safety and convenience.


  • Quick Exit: The escape door provides a quick and easy way to exit the trailer without having to use the main entry/exit points, crucial in emergency situations.
  • Security: Equipped with reliable locks and mechanisms, ensuring that the door remains securely closed during transportation.

4. Interior Blackout Package:

Description: The interior blackout package is designed to enhance the trailer’s aesthetics and functionality.


  • Blackout Interior Finish: The interior surfaces are finished with a blackout coating or material, providing a sleek and uniform black appearance that reduces glare and enhances the overall aesthetic.
  • Reduced Glare: The blackout finish minimizes internal reflections and glare, improving visibility and creating a professional, cohesive interior look.
  • Heat Resistance: The blackout materials used are often heat-resistant, ensuring durability and performance in varying temperature conditions.


These specialized components in a race trailer enhance safety, functionality, and aesthetics, meeting the specific requirements and preferences of motorsport enthusiasts, teams, and professionals.