Xtreme 8.5x24 charcoal blackout


The “Stew’s Trailers Xtreme Cargo 8.5×24 Charcoal Blackout” is an enclosed cargo trailer designed to provide secure and convenient transportation for various types of cargo. Here’s a description and some potential features of this trailer:

Description: The Stew’s Trailers Xtreme Cargo 8.5×24 Charcoal Blackout is a versatile and reliable enclosed trailer that offers ample space for transporting a wide range of items. Its charcoal color combined with the blackout package gives it a sleek and modern appearance while also providing practical benefits.


  1. Size: The trailer is 8.5 feet wide and 24 feet in length, providing a spacious interior for your cargo.

  2. Color: The charcoal color of the trailer adds an attractive and professional look, while the blackout package further enhances its aesthetics.

  3. Enclosed Design: The fully enclosed structure of the trailer ensures that your cargo remains protected from weather elements and offers security during transportation.

  4. Blackout Package: The blackout package typically includes features such as blacked-out trim, wheels, and other accents, giving the trailer a distinctive and stylish appearance.

  5. Axles: The trailer is likely to have multiple axles, providing stability and weight distribution to accommodate various types of cargo.

  6. Interior Space: With an interior width of 8.5 feet and a length of 24 feet, the trailer offers generous space for hauling items of different sizes.

  7. Rear Door: The rear door is designed for convenient loading and unloading. It might be a ramp door for easy access.

  8. Side Door: Enclosed trailers often come with a side door that provides additional access to the interior, allowing for efficient loading and unloading of smaller items.

  9. Interior Lighting: LED interior lighting illuminates the cargo area, making it easy to work inside the trailer during low-light conditions.

  10. Tie-Down Points: The interior of the trailer may feature tie-down points or E-track systems to secure your cargo safely during transportation.

  11. Durable Construction: The trailer is constructed using sturdy materials to ensure durability and longevity, even with regular use.

  12. Variety of Uses: This trailer is suitable for various purposes, including hauling equipment, tools, merchandise, and other items.

Please note that specific features may vary based on the trailer’s model, package, and configuration. To get accurate and detailed information about the “Stew’s Trailers Xtreme Cargo 8.5×24 Charcoal Blackout,” it’s recommended to reach out to the manufacturer or dealer directly.