Xtreme Cargo 8.5x16 silver blackout


The Xtreme Cargo 8.5×16 Silver Blackout is a compact yet spacious enclosed cargo trailer, perfect for transporting a wide range of cargo securely and efficiently. Its 8.5 feet width and 16 feet length provide ample interior space, making it suitable for both personal and commercial use.

Key Features:

  1. Sleek Silver Exterior: The exterior of the trailer is finished in an attractive silver color. This silver finish not only adds a touch of style but also provides a clean and modern appearance.

  2. Blackout Package: The “blackout” design typically includes black accents, such as blacked-out trim, wheels, and other details, adding to the trailer’s aesthetic appeal.

  3. Rear Ramp Door: The rear ramp door allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo. It’s designed for durability and can be securely locked during transit.

  4. Tandem Axles: Equipped with tandem axles, the trailer offers improved stability and weight distribution, making it suitable for towing heavier loads.

  5. Side Door Access: A side door provides convenient access to the trailer’s interior without the need to open the rear ramp. This is particularly useful when accessing specific items or for quick entry.

  6. LED Interior Lighting: LED interior lighting ensures good visibility inside the trailer, even in low-light conditions. This feature is invaluable for loading and unloading cargo, especially at night.

  7. Durable Construction: The trailer is constructed with durability in mind, featuring a robust frame and materials designed to withstand the demands of transportation.

  8. Electric Brakes: Tandem axles may come with electric brakes, enhancing the trailer’s braking efficiency and overall safety while towing.

  9. Versatile Use: The Xtreme Cargo 8.5×16 Silver Blackout can accommodate a wide range of cargo, from furniture and household items to equipment and goods for business purposes.

  10. Manufacturer Warranty: Depending on the manufacturer, the trailer may come with a warranty, providing added peace of mind for your investment.

  11. Customization Options: Many trailer models offer customization options, allowing you to tailor the trailer to your specific needs. These options could include additional tie-down points, shelving, upgraded lighting, and more.

Please note that specific features and options can vary depending on the manufacturer and model you choose. For precise details about the “Xtreme Cargo 8.5×16 Silver Blackout” and to explore any available upgrades or customization options, it’s advisable to consult with us today.