White/Blackout Polycore Snowmobile Trailer


The White/Blackout Polycore Snowmobile Trailer is a sleek and stylish solution designed to cater to the needs of snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts seeking both form and functionality. With its striking combination of white and blackout elements, this trailer is sure to turn heads on the road. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this trailer is packed with features to make your transportation experience safe and efficient. At Stew’s Trailers, we prioritize the latest design trends and practicality to enhance your outdoor adventure experiences.


  1. Aesthetic White/Blackout Exterior:

    • The trailer boasts a visually appealing white and blackout exterior design, creating a distinct and modern look that stands out on the road and at outdoor events.
  2. Polycore Construction:

    • Polycore construction combines strength and lightweight properties, making the trailer sturdy and easy to tow, optimizing fuel efficiency.
  3. Durable and Lightweight Materials:

    • The materials used in the trailer construction are known for their durability while remaining lightweight, making it easier to handle and tow.
  4. Interior Tie-Down Points:

    • The interior features strategically placed tie-down points to securely fasten your snowmobiles, ATVs, or gear, ensuring they remain stable during transportation.
  5. LED Lighting:

    • Integrated LED lighting illuminates the interior, ensuring excellent visibility for loading, unloading, and organizing your equipment and vehicles.
  6. Spacious Interior:

    • The trailer offers a spacious interior, providing ample room for transporting multiple snowmobiles, ATVs, or a combination of both, allowing for efficient use of space.
  7. Tandem Axles for Stability:

    • Equipped with tandem axles, the trailer offers stability and a smooth ride during transportation, ensuring the safety and security of your valuable snowmobiles and ATVs.
  8. Secure and Lockable Rear Door:

    • The rear door is secure and lockable, providing peace of mind for the safety of your equipment during transport and storage.


Stew’s Trailers is dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with top-tier snowmobile and ATV trailers, and the White/Blackout Polycore Snowmobile Trailer perfectly combines style and functionality to enhance your outdoor adventure pursuits.

If you have further inquiries or need more information about our trailers, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect trailer to match your outdoor adventures.