Wall e-track, RV style door with window


The “Wall E-Track” and “RV Style Door with Window” are popular features in office trailers, providing functionality, versatility, and ease of access.
Here’s a description of these features:

Wall E-Track:

  • Description: E-Track is a versatile, wall-mounted cargo control system that allows for secure tie-down and organization of equipment and items inside the trailer. It consists of metal tracks affixed to the interior walls.
  • Features:
    • Versatile Tie-Down Points: E-Track provides multiple tie-down points along the walls, enabling secure anchoring of heavy equipment, supplies, or furniture during transit.
    • Adjustable and Customizable: The E-Track system is adjustable, allowing you to move and position tie-down points according to your cargo’s size and shape.
    • Heavy-Duty Construction: E-Track is typically made of durable materials like steel, ensuring strength and durability to handle various loads.
    • Easy Installation: It’s relatively easy to install, and once in place, it provides a sturdy and reliable method for securing cargo during transportation.
    • Compatibility: E-Track is compatible with a range of accessories such as straps, hooks, and brackets, adding to its versatility.


RV Style Door with Window:

  • Description: An RV style door with a window is a common design seen in recreational vehicles (RVs) and office trailers. It combines a functional entry point with a window for natural light and visibility.
  • Features:
    • Entry and Exit: The RV-style door serves as a primary entry and exit point for the office trailer, providing easy access for occupants.
    • Window: The integrated window adds natural light, improving the interior’s brightness and providing visibility to the exterior.
    • Privacy and Security: The door typically includes features like blinds or curtains for privacy when needed. Locking mechanisms enhance security when the office trailer is not in use.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: RV-style doors often have an aesthetically pleasing design that complements the overall appearance of the trailer.
    • Weatherproofing: The door is designed to provide a good seal against the elements, ensuring the interior remains protected from adverse weather conditions.


These features are valuable additions to an office trailer, enhancing functionality, organization, security, and aesthetics. It’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing an office trailer with these features to ensure they align with your requirements. Additionally, consulting with Stews Trailers can provide further insights and customization options.