Titanium Cargo 8.5x24


Enclosed cargo trailers like the Titanium Cargo 8.5×24 are versatile and can be used for transporting a wide range of goods, equipment, or vehicles. Here are some key features you might find in a trailer of this size:

  1. Enclosed Design: This type of trailer is fully enclosed, providing protection from the elements and enhanced security for your cargo.

  2. Size: The 8.5×24 size offers ample interior space. It’s often used for moving furniture, appliances, tools, motorcycles, ATVs, or even small vehicles.

  3. Rear Ramp Door: Many enclosed cargo trailers have a rear ramp door for easy loading and unloading of cargo. This is particularly useful for transporting vehicles or heavy equipment.

  4. Side Door: These trailers typically come with a side entry door, allowing you to access your cargo without needing to open the rear ramp.

  5. Interior Lighting: Lighting inside the trailer ensures visibility when working or loading/unloading in low-light conditions.

  6. Tie-Downs: Cargo trailers usually have built-in tie-down points or D-ring anchors to secure your cargo in place during transit.

  7. Construction: Cargo trailers are built to be durable, with a sturdy frame, robust walls, and a resilient floor. This construction ensures the trailer can withstand the rigors of transportation.

  8. Customization Options: Depending on the manufacturer and dealer, you may have options for customization. These can include shelving, additional tie-downs, upgraded lighting, HVAC systems, and more to meet specific cargo-hauling needs.

  9. Manufacturer Warranty: Many cargo trailers come with a manufacturer’s warranty, offering coverage and peace of mind for your investment.

Keep in mind that the specific features and options of the Titanium Cargo 8.5×24 may vary based on the manufacturer and model. It’s advisable to consult with us to get precise details and explore any available upgrades or customization options. This will help ensure that the trailer meets your specific requirements for transporting cargo safely and efficiently.