Titanium Cargo 8.5x24


The “Titanium Cargo 8.5×24” is a versatile and spacious enclosed cargo trailer designed to meet various hauling needs. Here’s an overview of its features and capabilities:

Size: The 8.5×24 size offers ample interior space, measuring 8.5 feet in width and 24 feet in length, providing a total of 204 square feet of cargo area.

Durable Construction: Titanium Cargo trailers are known for their sturdy construction. They typically feature a steel frame and a rugged exterior to withstand the demands of long-distance hauling.

Interior Space: The spacious interior can accommodate a wide range of cargo, making it suitable for hauling furniture, appliances, vehicles, or construction materials.

Rear Ramp Door: Many Titanium Cargo trailers are equipped with a rear ramp door, which makes loading and unloading heavy or wheeled items, such as vehicles or machinery, more accessible.

Side Entry Door: A side entry door provides convenient access to the interior without having to open the rear ramp door. It’s typically equipped with a secure locking system.

Interior Tie-Downs: Built-in tie-down points inside the trailer allow you to secure your cargo, preventing shifting during transit. This is especially important for safely transporting vehicles or equipment.

LED Lighting: Energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates the interior, making it easier to load and unload items, even in low-light conditions.

Customization: Titanium Cargo trailers often come with customization options, allowing you to tailor the trailer to your specific needs. This may include additional features, such as shelving, electrical packages, or interior finishes.

Tandem Axles: Tandem axles provide stability and help distribute the weight evenly, improving towing performance and safety.

Color Options: Titanium Cargo trailers are available in various color options, allowing you to choose a trailer that matches your preferences or branding.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial, particularly if you’re transporting items that require airflow. Some Titanium Cargo trailers may include vents or windows to ensure proper ventilation.

Warranty: Manufacturers typically offer a warranty for their Titanium Cargo trailers, providing peace of mind regarding the trailer’s quality and durability.

Please note that specific features and customization options may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the Titanium Cargo 8.5×24 trailer. It’s essential to consult with Stews Trailers for precise details, available upgrades, and customizations to meet your specific hauling needs.