Stew's Trailers Xtreme Cargo 8.5 wide interior


The “Stew’s Trailers Xtreme Cargo 8.5 wide interior” likely refers to a trailer model provided by Stew’s Trailers that offers an interior width of 8.5 feet. Here’s a breakdown of what this specification could mean:

  1. Size (8.5 Wide): The “8.5 wide” specification indicates that the trailer has an interior width of 8.5 feet. This width provides a spacious interior that can accommodate a variety of cargo types.

  2. Versatility: A trailer with an 8.5-foot wide interior is well-suited for transporting a wide range of items, including larger equipment, vehicles, furniture, appliances, and more.

  3. Customization: Depending on the specific model and manufacturer, you may have options for customizing the interior layout to suit your needs. This might involve adding shelving, storage compartments, tie-down points, or other features.

  4. Hauling Capabilities: The extra width can be particularly beneficial for hauling larger or bulkier items that wouldn’t fit comfortably in a narrower trailer. It’s a popular choice for both commercial and personal use.

  5. Loading and Unloading: The wide interior makes it easier to load and unload cargo, especially items that require extra width for maneuvering.

  6. Available Features: Depending on the trailer model, you might find various available features such as different door types (barn doors, ramp doors), lighting options, electrical packages, and more.

  7. Applications: An 8.5-foot wide interior trailer can serve various purposes, including moving, construction, landscaping, event transportation, and more.

To get precise information about the specific features, layout options, and customization available for the Stew’s Trailers Xtreme Cargo 8.5 wide interior model, it’s recommended to directly contact Stew’s Trailers. We can provide you with detailed information based on their product offerings.