Stew's Trailers Rock Solid Cargo 8.5x32 Gooseneck


Introducing the Stew’s Trailers Rock Solid Cargo 8.5×32 Gooseneck in a classic White finish. This reliable and durable Gooseneck trailer is designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty hauling while providing ample space for a variety of cargo.

Key Features:

  • Size: 8.5×32 – Offering a spacious interior to accommodate various equipment and goods.
  • Exterior Finish: White – A timeless color that exudes a clean and professional look.
  • Gooseneck Design: Provides enhanced stability and weight distribution for safe and smooth towing.
  • Rock Solid Cargo Build: Known for its quality construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Versatile Hauling: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from commercial purposes to personal use.


The Stew’s Trailers Rock Solid Cargo 8.5×32 Gooseneck in White is a versatile and robust option for transporting your valuable cargo. Its sturdy construction and Gooseneck design make it ideal for heavy loads and long-distance hauling, ensuring a secure and efficient towing experience.

With a focus on providing top-quality trailers, Stew’s Trailers has a reputation for delivering trailers that excel in performance and reliability. The Rock Solid Cargo series, including the 8.5×32 Gooseneck in White, is built to withstand the rigors of the road, making it an excellent investment for any hauling needs.

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a dependable cargo-hauling solution or an individual with personal hauling requirements, the Stew’s Trailers Rock Solid Cargo 8.5×32 Gooseneck in White is designed to meet your expectations. Its spacious interior ensures that you have the room you need to transport a wide range of items effectively.

At Stew’s Trailers, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of high-quality trailers, each tailored to fulfill specific hauling needs. The Rock Solid Cargo 8.5×32 Gooseneck in White represents our commitment to providing superior trailers that deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

For those seeking a dependable, versatile, and visually appealing Gooseneck trailer, the Stew’s Trailers Rock Solid Cargo 8.5×32 Gooseneck in White is a top choice. 

Trust Stew’s Trailers for premium trailers that offer reliable performance and ensure your cargo is transported with safety and efficiency in mind.