Stew's Trailers Rock Solid Cargo 8.5x16 Orange/Black Blackout


The Stew’s Trailers Rock Solid Cargo 8.5×16 Orange/Black Blackout is a specific trailer model with distinctive features. Here’s a general overview of what you might expect from this trailer:

  1. Size (8.5×16): The dimensions indicate that the trailer is 8.5 feet wide and 16 feet long. This provides a sizable interior space for various hauling needs.

  2. Exterior Colors: The “Orange/Black Blackout” description suggests that the trailer’s exterior is predominantly orange and black. The “Blackout” typically refers to a design style where certain elements or accents are highlighted in black against a darker background.

  3. Axles: The trailer may feature tandem axles, which enhance stability and weight distribution during towing.

  4. Frame: A sturdy frame is crucial for durability and load-bearing capacity. High-quality materials and construction methods contribute to the trailer’s overall strength.

  5. Doors: The trailer may include rear doors for loading and unloading cargo. These could be barn doors or ramp doors, depending on the specific model.

  6. Interior Layout: The interior layout of the trailer can be customized to suit your hauling needs. This might include options for shelving, tie-down points, and other storage solutions.

  7. Blackout Accents: The “Blackout” feature suggests that certain elements of the trailer’s exterior, such as trim, accents, or details, are highlighted in black to create a sleek and stylish appearance.

  8. Additional Options: Trailers often come with various optional features that can be added to enhance functionality. These might include extra height, electrical packages, E-track systems, and more.

To get accurate and detailed information about the Stew’s Trailers Rock Solid Cargo 8.5×16 Orange/Black Blackout model, including its exact features, specifications, and availability, I recommend reaching out to us directly. We can provide you with the most current and relevant information based on your specific needs and preferences.