Shelving, toolbox, 110v outlets


Stew’s Trailers offers a range of customization options to enhance the functionality of their trailers, including shelving, toolbox, and 110V outlets. These features are particularly useful for equipment and service trailers where organization, storage, and access to power are important.

  1. Shelving: Adding shelving to your trailer’s interior can help you keep tools, equipment, and supplies organized and easily accessible. Shelving units can be customized in terms of size, placement, and the number of shelves to suit your specific needs.

  2. Toolbox: A toolbox integrated into the trailer provides a secure and convenient storage space for tools and smaller items. It helps keep your tools organized, protected, and readily available when you’re on the go.

  3. 110V Outlets: Having 110V outlets installed in the trailer allows you to have access to electrical power while on the job. This can be useful for charging tools, operating equipment, running lights, and powering other devices that require electricity.

By offering these customization options, Stew’s Trailers ensures that their customers can tailor their trailers to suit their specific requirements. Whether you’re using the trailer for work, hobbies, or other purposes, these features can enhance your efficiency and convenience.

If you’re interested in trailers with shelving, toolbox, and 110V outlets, you can inquire with us about the availability of these options for the trailer model you’re interested in. We can provide you with more details and help you create a trailer that meets your needs.