Rubberized tread plate flooring, ramp and flap


The Rubberized Tread Plate Flooring, Ramp, and Flap for Race Trailers are meticulously designed to elevate the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of your trailer. These enhancements provide an exceptional solution for transporting race vehicles and equipment while ensuring ease of use and durability. At Stew’s Trailers, we are committed to delivering high-quality trailer accessories that enhance the racing experience.


  1. Durable Rubberized Tread Plate Flooring:

    • The flooring is constructed using durable rubberized tread plates, providing excellent durability, resistance to wear and tear, and ensuring a safe and secure surface for race vehicles and equipment.
  2. Anti-Slip Surface:

    • The rubberized tread plate flooring features an anti-slip surface, enhancing traction and stability during loading, unloading, and transportation, minimizing the risk of accidents.
  3. Easy Maintenance:

    • The rubberized surface is easy to clean and maintain, allowing for effortless upkeep and ensuring a long-lasting, attractive appearance for the trailer floor.
  4. Customizable Ramp and Flap:

    • The ramp and flap are customizable, allowing for tailored dimensions and specifications to accommodate various race vehicle types and sizes, ensuring a seamless loading and unloading process.
  5. Smooth Transition Flap:

    • The integrated flap on the ramp ensures a smooth transition between the ramp and the trailer floor, providing a seamless surface for vehicles to travel on and minimizing potential damage.
  6. Secure Fastening Mechanisms:

    • The ramp and flap are equipped with secure fastening mechanisms to ensure stability during the loading and unloading process, providing a safe and reliable platform for valuable race vehicles.
  7. Enhanced Safety Markings:

    • The ramp and flap feature safety markings and indicators to guide users during loading and unloading, promoting safe practices and minimizing the risk of accidents.
  8. Reduced Noise and Vibration:

    • The rubberized tread plate flooring helps reduce noise and vibration during transportation, ensuring a smoother and quieter ride for your race vehicles and equipment.


Stew’s Trailers is dedicated to providing race enthusiasts with superior rubberized tread plate flooring, ramps, and flaps, enhancing both functionality and safety, ultimately optimizing race trailer performance.

For further inquiries or more details about our race trailer accessories, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect trailer accessories for your race trailer.