Rear barn doors, ATP sides and rear, blackout special


When a cargo trailer is described as having “rear barn doors, ATP sides and rear, blackout special,” it means the trailer has specific features and modifications:

  1. Rear Barn Doors: Instead of a traditional ramp or single swing door, the cargo trailer is equipped with rear barn doors. Barn doors are typically divided into two halves that swing open horizontally from the center. They are useful for loading and unloading cargo, as they provide a wide opening and can be secured in various positions.

  2. ATP Sides and Rear: ATP, which stands for Aluminum Tread Plate, is a type of protective covering made of aluminum with a raised diamond pattern. In this case, the sides and rear of the cargo trailer are covered with ATP panels. This provides additional durability and protection to these areas, which are more exposed to potential damage during use.

  3. Blackout Special: “Blackout” refers to a specific aesthetic design theme where various components and features of the trailer are finished in black. This can include the frame, trim, wheels, and other elements. It creates a sleek and modern look and is popular among many trailer enthusiasts.

The combination of rear barn doors, ATP sides and rear, and the blackout special gives the cargo trailer both functionality and a distinctive appearance. It provides enhanced durability, ease of access, and a unique style, making it suitable for a variety of hauling needs.