Ramp in v nose


A cargo trailer with a “ramp in V-nose” has a unique feature where the rear ramp door is extended into the V-shaped front section of the trailer, also known as the V-nose. The V-nose is the angled portion at the front of the trailer that helps to improve aerodynamics and create additional space inside the cargo area.

With a ramp in the V-nose design, the traditional rear ramp door extends beyond the back wall of the trailer and curves inward along the V-nose section. This setup allows for a more gradual and seamless transition from the ground into the cargo area, making it easier to load and unload items with wheeled equipment like lawnmowers, motorcycles, ATVs, or other vehicles.

The ramp in V-nose configuration maximizes the usable space inside the trailer while also providing a convenient loading and unloading solution. This design is especially popular among users who need to transport vehicles or heavy equipment and prefer the advantages of a ramp over other types of access, like barn doors or side ramps.