Indigo Blue/Blackout, ATP corners, extended tongue, concession door, BBQ porch, slanted v-nose


Indigo Blue/Blackout Food Trailer: Your Culinary Oasis on Wheels

Introducing the Indigo Blue/Blackout Food Trailer, a culinary haven meticulously designed for chefs and food entrepreneurs seeking to make a bold statement in the mobile food industry. This state-of-the-art trailer offers not only an eye-catching design but also functional features that cater to your unique culinary vision.


  1. Indigo Blue/Blackout Design:

    • A distinctive indigo blue exterior paired with blackout accents creates a striking visual appeal, ensuring your food trailer stands out in any setting.
  2. ATP Corners:

    • Reinforced with Aluminum Tread Plate (ATP) corners, this trailer boasts enhanced structural integrity and durability, safeguarding your investment for the long haul.
  3. Extended Tongue:

    • The extended tongue provides increased maneuverability and stability while towing, allowing for easier turns and better control, especially during tight parking or navigating crowded events.
  4. Concession Door:

    • Equipped with a purpose-built concession door, this trailer allows efficient customer service and a smooth flow of orders, enhancing your ability to handle high-demand events.
  5. BBQ Porch:

    • A well-designed BBQ porch extends your kitchen space, giving you the freedom to showcase your grilling expertise and engage customers with live cooking demonstrations.
  6. Slanted V-Nose:

    • The slanted V-nose design enhances aerodynamics, improving fuel efficiency and reducing wind resistance, making your journeys smoother and cost-effective.


This Indigo Blue/Blackout Food Trailer is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, offering a dynamic platform to showcase your culinary creations while ensuring a seamless operation on the move. Elevate your culinary experience and captivate your customers with this innovative and stylish food trailer.