Flat front with ATP corners


A flat front with ATP (Aluminum Tread Plate) corners refers to a specific design feature commonly found on cargo trailers. Let’s break down what each term means:

  1. Flat Front: The flat front is a type of trailer front design that does not have a V-shaped or aerodynamic profile. Instead, it is straight across the front, resembling a flat surface. This design provides a more boxy shape to the front of the trailer.

  2. ATP Corners: ATP, or Aluminum Tread Plate, is a type of protective covering made of aluminum with a raised diamond pattern. This material is durable and helps protect the trailer from damage, particularly in areas that are more prone to impact, such as the corners.

When a trailer is described as having a “flat front with ATP corners,” it means that the front of the trailer is flat (not sloping) and has protective ATP panels covering the corners. The ATP corners not only add a layer of protection but also give the trailer a distinctive and rugged appearance.

Cargo trailers with this design are commonly used for various purposes, such as transporting goods, equipment, or vehicles. The flat front and ATP corners help provide strength and durability while also giving the trailer a unique visual appeal.