Fixed shelving


Stew’s Trailers offers the option of fixed shelving for their trailers. Fixed shelving is a convenient and organized way to store tools, equipment, and supplies inside the trailer. Unlike adjustable shelving, which can be moved or reconfigured, fixed shelving is permanently attached to the interior of the trailer.

Here are some key benefits of choosing fixed shelving for your trailer:

  1. Stability: Fixed shelving is securely mounted to the walls of the trailer, providing stability even during transportation. This ensures that your tools and equipment remain in place and well-organized while you’re on the move.

  2. Efficient Use of Space: Fixed shelving maximizes the use of available space within the trailer. You can customize the number of shelves, their dimensions, and their placement to create storage solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

  3. Easy Accessibility: With fixed shelving, you can easily access your tools and items without having to rearrange or reposition shelves. This can save you time and effort while working.

  4. Durability: Stew’s Trailers likely offers high-quality fixed shelving options that are designed to withstand the demands of transportation and daily use. This ensures that your shelving remains in good condition over time.

  5. Organization: Fixed shelving helps keep your trailer’s interior organized, preventing items from becoming jumbled or scattered during transit.

If you’re interested in adding fixed shelving to your trailer, you can inquire with us about the availability of this customization option. We can provide you with details about the types of fixed shelving they offer, the materials used, and the installation process. This way, you can create a customized trailer interior that meets your specific storage needs.