Exterior spare tire mount


The exterior spare tire mount is a feature commonly found on trailers, including cargo trailers and utility trailers. It is designed to securely hold a spare tire on the exterior of the trailer, making it easily accessible in case of a flat tire or other emergencies during travel. Here are some key points about the exterior spare tire mount:

  1. Convenience: Having the spare tire mounted externally saves space inside the trailer, allowing you to utilize the interior for cargo or other equipment.

  2. Easy Access: The external placement of the spare tire ensures quick and easy access when needed, without having to rummage through the trailer’s contents.

  3. Secure Attachment: The spare tire mount is built to securely hold the tire in place, even during bumpy rides or off-road travel.

  4. Compatibility: The mount is typically designed to fit specific tire sizes, ensuring a snug fit for your trailer’s spare tire.

  5. Weather Resistance: The mount is constructed to withstand various weather conditions, protecting the spare tire from exposure to rain, sun, and other elements.

  6. Locking Option: Some spare tire mounts come with locking mechanisms, adding an extra layer of security to prevent theft.

  7. Easy Installation: Many spare tire mounts are designed for straightforward installation, and they often come with necessary hardware for mounting.

When purchasing a trailer, you can inquire about the availability of an exterior spare tire mount as an optional feature. If the trailer doesn’t come with one, you can consider purchasing and installing one separately, ensuring you have the convenience and peace of mind of having a spare tire readily available during your travels.