Construction Package Exterior


The Construction Package Exterior is a specialized upgrade designed to enhance the functionality, durability, and aesthetics of cargo trailers used in the construction industry. This package includes various features and modifications that cater specifically to the needs of construction professionals and contractors.

Key Features of the Construction Package Exterior:

  1. Reinforced Exterior Walls: The construction package typically includes reinforced exterior walls to provide additional strength and protection against impact, ensuring the trailer can withstand the demands of construction sites.

  2. Steel Frame Construction: The trailer may feature a steel frame construction, which offers superior durability and structural integrity for heavy-duty use.

  3. Upgraded Exterior Skin: The exterior skin of the trailer may be upgraded to a thicker gauge or more durable material, providing resistance to scratches, dents, and other damages that may occur during construction operations.

  4. Aluminum Treadplate Stoneguard: An aluminum treadplate stoneguard is often included to shield the front of the trailer from debris and road hazards encountered while traveling to and from job sites.

  5. Contractor Graphics: Some construction package exteriors may include contractor-themed graphics or decals, showcasing your company logo or adding a professional touch to the trailer’s appearance.

  6. Heavy-Duty Roof Rack: A heavy-duty roof rack may be added to provide additional storage space for ladders, construction materials, or other bulky items that need to be transported on top of the trailer.

  7. Exterior Lighting: The package may include upgraded exterior lighting, such as LED lights, for improved visibility and safety during nighttime or low-light conditions.

  8. Reinforced Rear Ramp: The rear ramp door, if included, might be reinforced to handle the weight of heavy construction equipment or machinery during loading and unloading.

  9. Heavy-Duty Axles and Suspension: The construction package often includes heavy-duty axles and suspension components to support the increased weight and strain associated with construction equipment and materials.

  10. Weatherproofing: Additional weatherproofing measures may be taken, such as improved seals and gaskets, to protect the trailer’s interior and contents from the elements.

The Construction Package Exterior is a valuable option for construction professionals who require a trailer that can withstand the challenges of construction sites and provide secure transportation for tools, equipment, and materials. It offers the convenience and reliability necessary to streamline construction operations and ensure the safe and efficient movement of construction assets.

If you are interested in the Construction Package Exterior or want to explore other trailer customization options, our team at Stew’s Trailers is here to assist you in finding the perfect trailer solution for your construction needs.