Awning, triple spread torsion axles


Awning, Triple Spread Torsion Axles for Race Trailers

This specialized race trailer configuration is meticulously designed for the needs of motorsport enthusiasts and professionals. The awning provides shelter and a space for race team activities, while the triple spread torsion axles ensure optimal weight distribution and handling, crucial for safe and smooth transport of race equipment.



  • Outdoor Hub: The awning offers a designated outdoor space, shielding team members from the elements and creating a central hub for race preparations and interactions.
  • Weather-Resistant: Constructed with durable and weather-resistant materials, the awning stands up to various weather conditions, providing a reliable shelter at the track.
  • Adjustable Design: Many awnings have adjustable legs and customizable configurations, allowing teams to tailor the setup according to their specific needs.


Triple Spread Torsion Axles:

  • Enhanced Weight Distribution: The triple spread torsion axles evenly distribute the weight of the trailer and its contents, ensuring a balanced load and optimal handling during transit.
  • Improved Stability: Having three axles increases stability, especially on uneven or winding roads, providing a smoother ride and reducing the risk of swaying or tipping.
  • Greater Payload Capacity: With three axles, the trailer can typically handle a higher payload capacity compared to trailers with fewer axles, accommodating more race equipment and vehicles.


This race trailer configuration, featuring an awning for outdoor activity space and triple spread torsion axles for improved weight distribution and stability, is crafted to cater specifically to the demands of motorsport professionals. It offers enhanced convenience, safety, and efficiency, addressing the unique requirements of the racing community.