Awning, spare tire mount, electric jack


Awning, Spare Tire Mount, Electric Jack for Race Trailers

This race trailer configuration is tailored to meet the demands of race teams, providing convenience, functionality, and ease of use. The awning offers a sheltered area for team activities, while the spare tire mount ensures easy access to a spare tire in case of emergencies. The electric jack simplifies the trailer hitching process, enhancing efficiency during setup and breakdown.



  • Outdoor Shelter: The awning provides a covered area outside the trailer, ideal for team gatherings, equipment setup, and relaxation during race events.
  • Weather Protection: Shields team members and equipment from adverse weather conditions, maintaining a conducive environment for pre- and post-race preparations.
  • Easy Setup: Designed for quick and hassle-free installation, allowing for swift deployment and packing up.


Spare Tire Mount:

  • Convenient Access: The spare tire mount is strategically placed for easy access, ensuring that a spare tire is readily available in case of a flat or damaged tire during transportation.
  • Secure Attachment: The mount securely holds the spare tire, preventing any movement or damage, even during rough travel.
  • Space Efficiency: Frees up valuable interior space by relocating the spare tire to the exterior of the trailer.


Electric Jack:

  • Effortless Hitching: The electric jack simplifies the hitching process by automating the lifting and lowering of the trailer, reducing the physical effort required.
  • Quick Operation: Electric jacks operate swiftly, saving time during trailer setup and breakdown, enabling race teams to be more efficient on race days.
  • Enhanced Safety: Electric jacks often come with safety features, such as auto-stop mechanisms, preventing overextension and ensuring safe operation.


This race trailer configuration, featuring an awning for shelter, a spare tire mount for convenient access to a spare tire, and an electric jack for effortless hitching, is designed to optimize the functionality and ease of use for race teams, enhancing their overall race experience and efficiency.