Access ladder, racks, extended tongue


The combination of “Access Ladder,” “Racks,” and “Extended Tongue” likely refers to a set of features and upgrades available for cargo trailers offered by Stew’s Trailers. Let’s break down each of these components:

  1. Access Ladder: An access ladder is typically mounted externally on the trailer’s side or rear to provide easy access to the roof of the trailer. This is particularly useful if you need to inspect, maintain, or load/unload items from the trailer’s roof. The ladder ensures safe and convenient access without the need for additional equipment.

  2. Racks: Racks, often referred to as ladder racks or cargo racks, are additional structures mounted on the exterior of the trailer. These racks provide a secure way to transport items like ladders, lumber, pipes, or other long materials that might be challenging to fit inside the trailer. Racks help optimize the trailer’s space and expand its capacity for carrying larger or bulkier items.

  3. Extended Tongue: The tongue of a trailer is the part that extends forward from the front of the trailer and connects to the towing vehicle. An extended tongue means that this front part of the trailer is longer than the standard length. This can have a few advantages:

    • Improved Towing Stability: An extended tongue can improve the stability and handling of the trailer while being towed, especially at higher speeds.
    • Easier Turning: It can also provide more clearance between the towing vehicle and the trailer during tight turns, reducing the risk of contact between the two.
    • Additional Storage: An extended tongue can create extra space at the front of the trailer, which might be useful for storing items like spare tires, tools, or other equipment.


In summary, the “Access Ladder,” “Racks,” and “Extended Tongue” options are designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of the cargo trailer. They offer convenient roof access, increased storage capacity for long items, and improved towing characteristics. If you’re interested in these features, it’s recommended to reach out to Stew’s Trailers directly to get more details and customize your trailer according to your specific needs.