8.5x28 Black Blackout Trailer


8.5×28 Black/Blackout Trailer for Race Trailers: Sleek, Functional, and Rugged

Race trailers require a specific design and features to meet the needs of transporting valuable race cars, equipment, and tools. The 8.5×28 Black/Blackout trailer is tailored to meet these demands, providing a sleek appearance, functional layout, and rugged construction. Let’s delve into the descriptions and features of this trailer:


  1. Dimensions: The 8.5×28 refers to the size of the trailer—8.5 feet in width and 28 feet in length. This size provides ample space to transport race cars, tools, and equipment.

  2. Color: The trailer is designed in a sleek black color scheme, giving it a professional and stylish appearance. The blackout design adds to its aesthetic appeal.

  3. Construction: The trailer is built with a sturdy frame, typically made of steel, ensuring durability and structural integrity while on the road.

  4. Exterior Finish: The exterior is finished with high-quality, weather-resistant materials that protect the trailer from the elements and maintain its visual appeal.

  5. Security: The trailer is equipped with secure locking mechanisms, ensuring the safety of valuable cargo during transportation and when parked.


  1. Interior Space: The 8.5×28 layout provides ample interior space for race cars, equipment, spare parts, and tools. It’s designed to optimize storage and organization.

  2. Tie-Downs: The interior is equipped with multiple tie-down points strategically placed to secure race cars and equipment during transportation, preventing damage.

  3. Ramps: The trailer often features built-in ramps or a ramp door for easy loading and unloading of race cars and other vehicles.

  4. Storage Cabinets: Built-in cabinets and storage compartments are included to organize tools, spare parts, and equipment, keeping everything easily accessible and well-organized.

  5. Lighting: The interior is equipped with efficient LED lighting to provide adequate illumination during loading, unloading, and organizing items.

  6. Ventilation: Proper ventilation systems, which may include vents or fans, are installed to ensure a well-ventilated interior, preventing odors and maintaining a comfortable environment.

  7. Electrical Outlets: Power outlets are included to facilitate the use of electronic equipment and tools, making it a functional workspace.

  8. Axles and Suspension: The trailer is equipped with suitable axles and suspension systems to ensure smooth towing and stability, even on rough roads.

  9. Graphics and Branding: The trailer may be designed with specific graphics or branding that align with the race team or sponsor’s identity.


The 8.5×28 Black/Blackout trailer for race trailers is a reliable and visually striking solution for transporting race cars and associated equipment to various events. Its design focuses on durability, security, and functionality, catering to the unique requirements of the motorsport industry.