8.5x20 Office Trailer


An 8.5×20 office trailer is a versatile and functional mobile office space designed to meet various workspace needs. This trailer provides ample interior space for conducting business activities, holding meetings, organizing events, or managing projects on-site. The dimensions of 8.5×20 ensure a comfortable workspace while allowing for mobility and ease of transportation.


  1. Interior Space:

    • The 8.5×20 layout offers a total of 170 square feet of usable interior space, providing room for desks, chairs, storage, and other essential office equipment.
  2. Customizable Layout:

    • The interior can be customized to include desks, cabinets, shelving units, meeting areas, or any other configuration required to suit specific business needs.
  3. Insulated Walls and Ceiling:

    • The office trailer is equipped with insulation in walls and ceiling, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment in various weather conditions.
  4. Windows and Natural Light:

    • Windows strategically placed around the trailer allow ample natural light, creating a bright and inviting workspace.
  5. Electrical Systems:

    • Equipped with a 110V electrical package, providing power for lighting, electrical outlets, and other electrical devices required for office operations.
  6. Climate Control:

    • Options for climate control systems such as air conditioning and heating ensure a comfortable working environment year-round.
  7. Exterior Finish:

    • The exterior is typically finished with durable and weather-resistant materials, ensuring longevity and protection against the elements.
  8. Flooring:

    • Equipped with a resilient flooring material, like vinyl or laminate, for easy maintenance and a professional look.
  9. Entry and Exit:

    • Features a sturdy entry door with a secure locking mechanism, ensuring the safety and security of the office space.
  10. Mobility and Transport:

    • Built on a trailer chassis, allowing for easy transportation to various job sites or locations as needed.
  11. Meeting Compliance Standards:

    • Complies with relevant industry standards and codes to ensure a safe and functional workspace.
  12. Customization Options:

    • Depending on the manufacturer, customization options may include additional windows, awnings, partition walls, restrooms, and more, tailored to specific requirements.


An 8.5×20 office trailer offers a flexible and efficient workspace solution, ideal for temporary or remote projects, construction sites, events, and various other applications where a mobile office is needed.