7x16x4 Dump Trailer Mid South Stew's Trailers


A 7×16 dump trailer proves to be an excellent choice for hauling extra-heavy loads efficiently and precisely. Its size and capacity make it capable of handling substantial amounts of cargo, making it suitable for various heavy-duty applications.

The integrated hydraulic lifts are a crucial feature that sets this dump trailer apart. With these hydraulic lifts, the entire bed of the trailer can be tipped up, allowing for seamless unloading of the cargo. The ease with which the cargo slides out due to this hydraulic system eliminates the need for manual unloading, saving time and physical effort.

This dumping precision ensures that the cargo can be delivered exactly where it needs to be, improving overall job site efficiency and organization. Whether it’s construction debris, landscaping materials, or any other heavy loads, the 7×16 dump trailer with hydraulic lifts provides a convenient and reliable solution for unloading with precision.

The assurance that you’ll never have to unload by hand again adds to the convenience and practicality of this dump trailer. This feature significantly reduces labor and ensures a smoother and more streamlined unloading process, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

Overall, a 7×16 dump trailer equipped with hydraulic lifts is a powerful and versatile asset for those needing to handle extra-heavy loads. Its efficient unloading capabilities, along with its precise and convenient operation, make it an indispensable tool for a range of industries and applications.


The beefy 7×16 dump trailer is a fantastic option for handling larger loads efficiently. Its increased size allows it to carry substantial quantities of materials, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks and demanding projects.

Despite its larger capacity, the 7×16 dump trailer remains highly maneuverable, which is a valuable feature for navigating job sites with limited space or tight corners. Its agility ensures that it can access various work areas with ease, saving time and effort during transportation.

Moreover, the 7×16 dump trailer’s exceptional backing-up capability enhances its usability and practicality. With ease, it can be maneuvered in reverse, allowing for precise positioning when dropping off materials at the exact spot they are needed. This level of control simplifies the unloading process, streamlining job site operations and enhancing overall productivity.

The combination of a beefy size, maneuverability, and user-friendly backing-up capability makes the 7×16 dump trailer a valuable asset for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether it’s construction, landscaping, or any other task requiring heavy material transport, this trailer excels in handling larger loads while still providing ease of use and accessibility.

In conclusion, the 7×16 dump trailer offers a perfect balance between size, maneuverability, and practicality. Its ability to accommodate larger loads, easy maneuvering on job sites, and seamless backing-up capability make it an excellent choice for professionals seeking a versatile and efficient solution for their material hauling needs.