7x16 concession trailer


7×16 Concession Trailer: Your Culinary Haven on Wheels

Step into the world of mobile culinary excellence with our 7×16 concession trailer. Crafted for entrepreneurs in the food industry, this trailer is a dynamic and fully equipped mobile kitchen. From a sleek exterior to a well-organized and feature-packed interior, it’s your gateway to serving scrumptious delights to eager customers.


The 7×16 concession trailer is a testament to innovation and efficiency. Its design maximizes space, allowing for a comprehensive setup that meets the needs of your specific food business. The interior is meticulously planned to facilitate smooth operations, ensuring that every inch is utilized optimally.


  1. Spacious Interior:

    • The 7×16-foot dimensions offer ample space for cooking, prepping, and serving. The layout is designed to provide efficient movement within the trailer, enhancing productivity.
  2. Concession Window:

    • A strategically placed concession window for seamless customer service, allowing you to interact with your patrons and serve your culinary delights with ease.
  3. Cooking Equipment:

    • Customized to accommodate your chosen cooking equipment, whether it’s grills, fryers, ovens, or other appliances essential for your food offerings.
  4. Refrigeration and Storage:

    • Integrated refrigeration and storage solutions to keep your ingredients fresh and organized. Adequate storage is key to a smooth operational workflow.
  5. Prep Area:

    • A designated prep area equipped with a worktable, cutting boards, and utensils to ensure a hygienic and efficient food preparation process.
  6. Display and Service Counters:

    • Dedicated counters for displaying your menu items and serving your customers. These counters are designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  7. Interior Lighting:

    • Ample interior lighting to enhance visibility and create an inviting ambiance. Well-lit spaces contribute to a pleasant customer experience.
  8. Electricity and Wiring:

    • A properly wired electrical setup to accommodate all your cooking appliances and ensure a reliable power supply.
  9. Easy-to-Clean Surfaces:

    • Surfaces made of materials that are easy to clean and maintain, essential for meeting hygiene standards.
  10. Built for Mobility:

    • Equipped with a robust chassis and suitable tires to ensure safe and easy transportation to various locations, making it perfect for events and gatherings.
  11. Custom Branding Options:

    • Opportunities for branding and customization to reflect your unique brand identity and attract customers.
  12. Compliance and Safety:

    • Built in compliance with food safety regulations and local health codes, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety for both your staff and customers.


The 7×16 concession trailer is more than a mobile kitchen; it’s a gateway to realizing your culinary dreams and delighting taste buds wherever you go. Invest in this culinary haven on wheels and bring your culinary creations to the world.