7x14x2 Dump Trailer Mid South Stew's Trailers


The 7×14 dump trailer is an ideal mid-range option for efficiently unloading heavy loads. Its well-sized dimensions make it versatile for various hauling needs while still providing ample capacity for carrying substantial cargo.

One of the key features that sets this dump trailer apart is its integration of hydraulic lifts. This hydraulic system allows the entire bed of the trailer to tip up, making it easy to unload the cargo quickly and conveniently. With this functionality, there’s no need for manual unloading, reducing physical labor and saving time in the process.

The hydraulic lift system enables the cargo to slide right off the trailer bed smoothly, streamlining the unloading process and making it suitable for various materials, such as construction debris, landscaping materials, or any heavy loads that need efficient offloading.

Overall, the 7×14 dump trailer with hydraulic lifts is a practical and efficient solution for those who require a mid-sized dump trailer for handling heavy loads. Its user-friendly design and time-saving unloading mechanism make it a valuable asset for businesses or individuals dealing with bulk materials on a regular basis.


Indeed, a 7×14 dump trailer is a versatile and dependable workhorse that caters to various hauling and dumping needs. Its size and design make it suitable for a range of applications, making it an excellent choice for landscape crews, construction companies, and other businesses that require efficient and easy dumping capabilities.

For landscape crews, the 7×14 dump trailer provides a convenient way to transport and unload materials like mulch, soil, or gravel at different job sites. Its hydraulic lift system allows for quick and effortless dumping, streamlining the landscaping process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Similarly, construction companies can benefit from the convenience of a 7×14 dump trailer for removing debris and waste after completing a job. The ability to easily dump debris saves time and labor, making post-job cleanup more efficient.

The size of the 7×14 dump trailer is another advantage. Its compact dimensions enable easy maneuverability, particularly in tight urban or suburban areas where larger trailers might face challenges. This feature allows for more flexibility and accessibility in various work environments.

Overall, the 7×14 dump trailer stands out as a reliable and practical solution for various hauling and dumping tasks. Its versatility, ease of use, and compact size make it a valuable asset for businesses and professionals in the landscaping, construction, and other industries where efficient dumping capabilities are essential.