110v electrical package


A 110V electrical package for a cargo trailer refers to the installation of electrical components and systems that run on standard 110-volt alternating current (AC) power. This electrical package is commonly used to provide power to various devices and equipment inside the trailer, making it more versatile and functional.

The typical components included in a 110V electrical package for a cargo trailer may consist of:

  1. Shore Power Connection: A plug and receptacle system that allows the trailer to connect to an external power source, such as a standard household electrical outlet or a generator.

  2. Circuit Breaker Panel: A panel with individual circuit breakers that protect different electrical circuits inside the trailer, preventing overloads and electrical hazards.

  3. Outlets: Standard 110V power outlets installed at various locations throughout the trailer to power tools, appliances, lighting, or any other electrical devices.

  4. Lighting: Interior lighting fixtures that illuminate the cargo area and allow for better visibility during loading and unloading.

  5. Wiring: Electrical wiring that connects the various components and devices in the trailer, ensuring a safe and efficient electrical system.

  6. Inverter (Optional): An inverter can be added to the electrical package to convert the 12V DC power from the trailer’s battery (if equipped) into 110V AC power. This allows the trailer to have AC power even when it is not connected to an external power source.

Having a 110V electrical package in a cargo trailer makes it more versatile for a wide range of applications, such as construction work, mobile workshops, vending, and more. It enables users to use standard electrical appliances and tools inside the trailer, enhancing convenience and productivity while on the go.